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IGD Display, an MBE Certified company headquartered in Chicago., has been in business since 1990. We have a strong reputation in the industry because of our multi-award winning creative team, impeccable quality, service, and integrity. We provide our clients a full-service, turnkey business model that encompasses creative and structural design, manufacturing, printing, display assembly, product packout and logistics. Essentially, everything needed to make any marketing program successful and improve sales.

IGD Display excels at on-time, on-budget and unique creative and structural design, which enables us to provide our clients with displays that are cost-effective, sustainable, attractive, durable, and most importantly, help sell more stuff!

Our unbeatable array of capabilities, combined with uncompromising service, make us the right partner for any firm. We are big enough to get the job done, but sized right to keep it personal.



Temporary Displays by IGD Display

Temporary Displays

In-store Signage Kits by IGD Display

In-store Signage Kits

Semi-Permanent Displays by IGD Display

Semi-Permanent Displays

Retail Packaging for Game Golf Live by IGD Display

Retail Packaging

Permanent Displays by IGD Display

Permanent Displays

Shopper Marketing and Consumer Research by IGD Display

Shopper Marketing



IGD Display Services: Inventory, Market Research, Prototyping, Manufacture, Assembly, and more!