Often the first step along the consumer journey, effective retail signage can interest and entice consumers; the opposite can be said of ineffective or confusing retail signs, which can repel consumers, however. So, how can you make sure your business follows along the path to success?

With just a few seconds to capture consumers’ attention and convince them to establish a connection with your brand, making your retail signage work harder can reap rewards. Take a look at some of our top tips for getting more from your retail signs and making those few precious seconds count.

Keep it short and sweet

Attention spans are getting shorter and it’s worth bearing this in mind when creating engaging retail signage. The shorter the text, the more of an impact your sign can make, and the clearer the meaning. Simplicity is key to creating effective retail signage, so keep text easy to read and to the point. Exceptions can be made for retail signage displayed in areas where consumers will spend longer reading the sign, such as in a queue by the checkout, where you can present a more in-depth message.

Make your message personal

Addressing consumers directly by using words like ‘you’ or ‘yours’ can help shoppers build a subconscious connection with your brand. This direct approach helps consumers visualize themselves using your products or services, retail expert Bob Phibbs suggests, and this is when sales start taking place. You can make your retail signage even more personal by using targeting to appeal directly to your specific audience – events, seasonal trends and pop culture can all be touched on in retail signage to add interest.

Be witty

Being innovative and thinking outside the box when it comes to your retail signage can interest, amuse or inspire consumers, spreading your message to a wider audience. Funny or thought-provoking signage can compel consumers to relate what they’ve seen to others – a FedEx study has highlighted that three-quarters of Americans tell other people about signs they’ve seen that have caught their interest. Amusing or inventive retail signage can also make the rounds on social media, meaning your business can build up its reputation across channels.

Don’t compromise on quality

Eagle-eyed consumers make the decision to engage with your brand based on a variety of elements, one of which is the quality of your retail signage. Badly-made signs repel more than half of consumers, while dirty and misspelled signs are off-putting for 56 and 63 percent of shoppers respectively. Offensive signs displaying a joke or idea can be made quite by accident, based on the views held by the designers, but it’s always wise to err on the side of caution with this sort of sign or risk deterring almost three quarters of consumers.

Prioritize clean design

To get your message across to best effect, keep the design of your retail signage clean and clear. Using a simple font and keeping the text proportionate are a couple of rules that help ensure your signage is easy to read, while consistency of various elements is key for reinforcing your brand. Shoppers should be able to scan the sign and get the information they need with ease, so allowing for plenty of white space is essential. Some colors also make text easier to read, like white over a black background, for example.

At IGD Display, we know how to create effective in-store signage that’s just right for your brand. With over 15 years’ experience and meticulous attention to detail, we’re committed to making your in-store retail signage work harder for you – contact us today to find out more.