Spring marks the start of a major promotional drive for many companies keen to capitalize on the forthcoming major events planned over the coming months. Tying promotion to current events is an effective way to capture the attention of an already-interested audience ahead of occasions like the Olympics, the US election and Copa America.

Knowing your audience is a key element of marketing, and by showing your awareness of popular events, you can reinforce your brand message while establishing a deeper connection with consumers.

Take a look at what the big brands are getting up to and stay ahead of the trends with IGD Display, the design and marketing experts here to help you capitalize on current events and seasonal trends.

Budweiser’s ‘America’ beer

There are various big events coming up in 2016, some of the most eagerly-anticipated being the US elections in November and the Copa America Football tournament. Beer brand Budweiser has wasted no time in devising the ultimate symbol of patriotism to cash in on these impending events: a beer called America.

Rebranding from May to November this year, Budweiser has switched out the regular brand name on its cans in favour of the word ‘America’. The change is Budweiser’s own salute of sorts to the nation and helps establish a connection between the brand and the US that consumers can’t miss, appealing to buyers’ own sense of patriotism.

Whether the move is a success for sales or not, the company has made the news with its interesting move ahead of the election and other hotly-billed events, increasing awareness of its brand and getting the Budweiser name into the public eye.

Hershey’s patriotic packaging

Another big event set to take place this year is the 2016 Olympics in Rio. To mark the occasion, many retailers will be showing their support for Team US; confectioner Hershey’s has revealed new patriotic packaging ahead of the occasion.

For the first time in its more than 120-year history, Hershey’s will change the silver lettering on its confectionery packets to red, white and blue in honor of the event – the move is part of a wider campaign that will incorporate Olympics elements. Hershey’s is a key sponsor of the US team, so it makes sense that the brand shows its support on a national level.

Hershey’s has altered the packaging of its Milk Chocolate with Almond Bars, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kat Wafer Bars and Payday Bars to celebrate the forthcoming sporting heats.

Shamrock Farms’ “Nutrients to Power Gold Medal Dreams”

Also marking the Olympics with a new design for its packaging is Shamrock Farms dairy, which has unveiled new packaging for a range of milk cartons from single servings to multi-liter offerings in celebration of Team USA’s Olympic entry.

The new packaging features company mascot Roxie the cow in a red, white and blue swimsuit along with the line ‘Nutrients to Power Gold Medal Dreams’.

The brand not only uses the packaging to show its support for the national team but also cleverly draws on the upcoming event to highlight the importance of milk in a healthy diet – which is especially important to parents, while the cartoon-style cow appeals to youngsters.

These are just a few examples of the ways in which companies are capitalizing on current events. Having just announced a raft of sponsors, including Ford, Coca-Cola and Nike, Copa America is also sure to start popping up on all manner of promotional items in the not-so-distant future.

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